Coming next week to Little Fiction: our long-awaited Listerature collection.

Sixteen stories in list form, from an extremely talented group of writers: Amber Kennedy, Andrew F. Sullivan, Casey Peterson, Helen Sedgwick, Jacqueline Valencia McDonough, Jessica Patient, Kirsty Logan, Lacy Lalonde, Lailaka Bee, Mairi Campbell-Jack, Matej Novak, Nikki Magennis, Paul McQuade, Rebecca K. O’Connor, Steven D. Stark, Sara Habein and (yours truly) Troy Palmer.

The pieces range from tales of love and loss to stories about innocence and betrayal. There’s a bucket list of seemingly ordinary things, and even a list about lists.

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited to be bringing this project to life and sharing it with you all. Stay tuned. 


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